We are a collective of passionate individuals striving to bring you beautiful products that are kind to the planet.

Eorth isn’t your regular retailer – we are impact driven not profit driven. Instead of focusing on maximising profit we prioritise the long-term impact that the company is having.

It is common for mainstream retailers to make decisions that will benefit the company but may have a negative impact on others and the environment, such as using harsh chemicals; an unnecessary amount of plastic and sweatshops. At Eorth, we don’t think that it needs to be this way. We envision a world where both humans and nature can thrive long-term. This may require going against common practices but we’re all for questioning the norm and thinking outside the box.

Companies can have a huge impact on shaping the world we live in but it’s ultimately the consumers (i.e. you) that decide which companies succeed. We want to give you the power through your consumer decisions to make a difference, and so by shopping with us you will be supporting sustainability, fair trade and local businesses. The products we sell are ethically sourced and are made from recycled/ eco-friendly materials, or they replace single-use plastic products. We also carry out a number of practices to help us reach our goals which you can read more about by following the link below.


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